Ashley Arden Photography

The Girl behind the camera..

My name is Ashley, & I am a self-taught portrait photographer. I’ve been married to my husband for 11 years! Wooowza, I know. We eloped right out of high school. He’s my best friend and business partner.

I have two kids Penelope (oldest) & Parker (youngest) and we have two dachshunds, Wendy & Jack Jack. If we’re not at home, we’re packing our bags to Disney and living the fairytale life. I specialize in all types of photography; Weddings, engagements, lifestyle, and a few other favorites.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than seeing all of my clients having the best time and cheering them on in all phases of life. My work is based on positive vibes and fun energy. You’ll hear a couple of OOOOO’s and YAAASSSSS. I’m a lover of love, here to capture all those beautiful raw moments in your love story.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

-Your Friendly Neighborhood photographer.

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