Terms and Conditions



EARLY ARRIVALS: We dot not allow early arrivals. Access to the property will be granted 5 minutes before your session so please instruct your clients to arrive no earlier as they will not be able to park and enter the property.

END TIME: Please exit the property promptly at your end time and make sure that your client has exited before you leave. You are responsible for making sure that all clients have exited the property.

-The door to the Rosewood must be kept shut at all times except when using the doors for a photograph that requires them to be open. The Rosewood is climate controlled and to maintain the climate the doors will need to be kept shut.
-Drones are not allowed.
-Pets are not allowed (exceptions may be made on a case by case basis only)


In the event of a mandated shutdown, Renter may reschedule free of charge. There will be no refunds issued due to COVID. Renter acknowledges the risk with booking during the current climate.

Payment is due in full upon booking. Credit card is the only accepted payment method and the credit card will remain on file. If additional equipment, use of props, pool or other rental items are added on the rental day, the rental fee and/or damage deposit for those items must be paid before use of said items.

Our annual Themed Sets are Non-refundable and Non-transferrable. You will not be able to reschedule these or cancel for a studio credit.
Please make sure you enter any discount codes or gift cards codes at the time of booking as we will not be able to apply/refund them after the booking is complete.
Please make sure to select the correct amount (single or multi client) when checking out as refunds will not be able to be processed.

Each room can accommodate up to 12 guests in total. You must rent the full studio if your guest count exceeds 12 for any shoot.

Reschedules must take place 48 hours before the rental start time. If reschedule does not take place before then a $50 fee will be charged to the card on file to reschedule the reservation.

Once a session has been booked the number of hours cannot be downgraded and add ons can not be taken off. Additional hours may be added pending availability.

If Renter wishes to cancel a reservation, a studio credit will be given if cancellation is made 48 hours in advance. Any cancellations after this time will result in loss of the entirety of the payment.
If the Studio must cancel Renter’s reservation, Renter will be given a full refund. Studio is not liable for acts out of its control that affect the rental, such as building equipment failures, power outages, weather, acts of God or emergencies. In such cases, Studio will refund a prorated portion of Renter’s payment.
If Renter fails to show up in the first 30 minutes of their scheduled session and does not call to notify, they will be considered a NO SHOW and the entirety of the payment will be forfeited.

Renter’s rental time will begin immediately at the pre-arranged starting time and will end immediately upon the pre-arranged ending time outlined in the contract. This will include any set-up or breakdown and cleanup so Renter should plan accordingly. Renter must have Studio cleaned and ready to exit the premises by pre-arranged ending time. Please be respectful of the Studio’s time. Renter will be charged $10 per minute for every minute that they are still on the property after their rental has ended. This includes lingering in the parking lot as it prevents the gates from being shut and the Studio Manager from being able to leave. Please do not arrive any earlier than 10 minutes prior to when your rental is set to begin. There is no prior drop off or pick up of items after rental has concluded unless previously negotiated and additional fees may apply. If Renter wishes to add additional time they may let the Studio Manager know before the end of their session. The bill for this time must be paid onsite before Renter has left the Studio or the card on file will be charged accordingly. Reservations can not be pushed back to start at a later time if Renter is running late. In the event the Renter is running late, more time would need to be added on.

Studio may be used for photography, videography or small events. We are a rental space only, we do not provide photography services. Studio may be used only for legal business activities.Renter’s base rental includes sole access to the room(s) that is being rented and the lobby area. This Studio is comprised of 4 separate spaces so please be advised you may be sharing the community spaces with others if your rental periods overlap. Please be courteous of others. There is no guarantee of privacy unless the Renter has opted to rent the Full Studio. Food and drink are allowed in the Studio but please let the staff know in advance if you will be bringing items of this nature. Studio will dispose of trash in restrooms but Renter is responsible for taking and disposing of all food/drink related trash. Renter agrees to leave the Studio clean and tidy as it was upon arrival. Renter must discard larger items, such as personal props and set pieces. All items brought to the Studio by Renter are to be removed by Renter. Items left after 7 days will be assumed as abandoned and may be discarded or kept by the Studio for Studio use, with no compensation due the Renter, at the discretion of the Studio. If Renter does not return the Studio to the order and cleanliness found when Renter arrived, Studio will charge at minimum a $175 cleaning fee.

Parking is in the designated parking area once you drive through the entry gate. If the gravel lot is full you may park in the grass IF IT HAS NOT RECENTLY RAINED or on the street. Please stay on the concrete walkway leading up to the front door.

The Renter must conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times which includes any persons that accompany the Renter. Children must be supervised at all times to ensure the safe use of the Studio, equipment, and to mitigate any preventable injury or damage to the studio/equipment. The Renter shall be solely responsible for the conduct and welfare of all persons accompanying Renter. Renter agrees that a Studio representative may, at the Studio’s sole discretion, be present at all times. If the representative observes or otherwise becomes aware of dangerous, pornographic, illegal or negligent practices or activities, the representative reserves the right to stop the rental and may require Renter and Renter’s party to leave immediately. The authorities will be alerted to any illegal activities witnessed by the Studio representative. In such case no refund will be given for unused time. However, Studio and its representatives assume no responsibility to act in such cases.
All rooms in the studio are under complete 24 hour video surveillance at all times (with the exception of the restroom areas). Please keep wardrobe changes restricted to the restrooms to ensure privacy.
Studio representatives shall have the right to inspect the equipment and/or Studio at any time during the rental term. Renter shall make any and all arrangements necessary to permit an employee of the Studio access to the equipment and/or Studio. If a breach of any of the provisions of the Rental Agreement occurs, the Studio has the right to revoke your access to the equipment and/or Studio.
If Renter feels there is an issue with the room they are renting (dirty floors, temperature, etc) Renter must notify the on site Studio Manager immediately. If the Studio Manager is not present they must call the studio at 832-304-3925 so the issue can be corrected. Their will be no refunds or reparations given if the Renter notifies the studio days/weeks after the Renters rental.

Absolutely no glitter, confetti, confetti balloons, smoke bombs, sparklers, loose flower petals-REAL OR FAKE or sand are allowed inside/outside of the studio or in The Willow. Your session will be terminated immediately, without refund or studio credit, and a fee of at least $175 will be assessed for cleanup, re-treatment of the Studio floor and lost rental time if either of these substances are found in the Studio. Renter shall notify Company immediately of any marks or damage in the Studio prior to the rental start time.

Renter shall be solely responsible for any damage to Studio’s property or equipment that occurs during the time Renter or Renter’s party occupies the Studio. Renter agrees to pay for damage to the Studio including spills, excessive wear, marks or stains on furniture, broken furniture or fixtures, painted surfaces or floors or damage to equipment, or ruts made from unauthorized driving in the yard. The Renter knowingly and voluntarily waives the right to dispute any and all credit/debit card charges pertaining to this rental, associated fees and/or damages and agrees that any and all credit/debit card charges shall not be disputed. Any conflict or disagreement of these credit card charges related to this reservation shall be resolved through arbitration in Montgomery County. The Renter also agrees and authorizes The Oak Atelier to charge their credit card for any and all additional charges that relate to damage, overage time, unauthorized pets, additional cleaning, additional or unauthorized guests. The Studio is not responsible for any lost or missing items by the Renter or anyone in their party. If shooting Bridals or any shoot where expensive garments could potentially get dirty, the Studio is not responsible for any cleaning or dry cleaning fees pertaining to said garments.

The Oak Atelier, LLC hereby provides a limited and revocable license for use of the “Studio” located at 15475 Pin Oak Dr, Conroe TX, 77384. This agreement applies to every instance the Renter utilizes the studio location.
“Studio” is The Oak Atelier, LLC and includes the studio premises and any additional areas owned by The Oak Atelier, LLC.; “Renter” is the person or entity renting Studio and/or equipment, i.e “Client Name” above.
Use of The Oak Atelier and outdoor space of studio premises is at Renters risk. Renter hereby agrees that The Oak Atelier will not be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damage, injury or loss to Renter, their party or possessions. Renter holds harmless and indemnifies Studio, and/or its owners, agents, representatives, associates, officers, employees, guests and tenants against any suit, claim, loss, accident, judgment, fine, injury, damages or death including attorney’s fees. This indemnification shall continue in full force and effect during and after the term of the rental for such causes arising during the term of the rental.
Renter agrees to and assumes all liabilities within this agreement for all persons, models or employees of Renter on Studio premises. The Studio will not be held liable for any injuries or accidents to the Renter or anyone in Renter’s accompanying party that occur within or outside the Studio premises.
Any personal items brought into the Studio space are the sole responsibility of the Renter. The Studio is not responsible for personal belongings left/lost at the studio.
The Renter agrees to use models of legal age (>18 years old) when using the Studio space or require a parent or guardian on site. The Renter agrees that he/she is fully responsible for ensuring the validity of age verification the model produces. The Renter agrees that he/she cannot hold The Studio liable in the case of an invalid ID or any other form of age validation. The Renter agrees to furnish proof of parental consent in the case that the model is under the age of 18 years.
If The Studio finds it necessary to require General Liability Insurance the following minimums will apply:
Commercial General Liability deemed primary and non-contributory. $1,000,000 Per Occurrence and Annual Aggregate must name The Oak Atelier, LLC as an additional insured party.