Gabriela Vicente Photography


I am Gabriela Vicente, taking immense pride in my Venezuelan, American (Texan), and Spanish heritage. These three remarkable nationalities course through my heart and veins. For numerous years, I cherished life in my beloved Venezuela, particularly in Valencia. Additionally, I’ve been blessed to experience life in Spain, residing in the exquisite city of Valencia, and in the United States across three captivating states: Miami, FL; San Diego, CA; and currently in Spring, TX.
I am a professional photographer, having honed my skills at the New York Institute of Photography (EDLatam) located in New York. My journey led me to international training, where I participated in workshops focused on professional wedding, portrait, and fashion photography in Houston, Panama, Mexico, Valencia (Spain), and Barcelona. These experiences have elevated my photography into an elegant and professional form of art.
My dedication to photography has been a passionate journey, where I’ve witnessed how this art form etches lasting imprints of individuals and families. The ability to capture fleeting moments such as sweet smiles, affectionate gazes, embraces, and tender gestures is truly remarkable.
To have the privilege of encountering divine creations, to frame them through my lens, freeze them in time, and relish them with every viewing—this is a sensation beyond words. Transforming these moments into art is a spectacle of its own.
Among my most cherished moments as a photographer are those where I capture your moments. I wish I could imprint these memories and dedicate them to each of you. One of my profound aspirations is to encapsulate Faith itself—the intangible yet deeply felt essence of Faith.
Thank you for gracing my space with your presence and wandering through these words. May you relish and absorb the joy emanating from these images.

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