Mornings with Em

Meet Ashlee

I am a lover of Jesus. I am a spirited wife. I am an overthinking, overprotective mama of two. I am a rebellious daughter. I am an awful dancer. I am outgoing and silly and sometimes a little awkward. I am a former college athlete. I am a fan of all things Steve Carell. And I’d love to add to that list, that I am YOUR photographer.

When I was pregnant with our son, Emory, the one thing I heard over and over was, “take it all in, it goes by so fast”. In a moment I am staring down at my sweet 3 month old boy “taking it all in”, as he falls asleep in my arms and then I blink, and he’s running down my halls laughing and chasing his daddy. We try our best to “take it all in” and “soak it all up” but at the end of the day – moments are fleeting.

At Mornings with Em, my mission is to capture those moments for you. I want to be there when you find out the gender of your first little one, and then your second, third, and fourth. I want to capture the beauty and strength of your wife as she carries your unborn child. I want to document your birth story, and capture your baby’s first breath. I want to watch your family grow and provide you with tangible memories of all of those moments.

Mornings with Em is inspired by the mornings I have spent watching my son explore and grow, and by the people who have provided me with tangible memories of those moments.

Photos Capture by the talented: Naomi Hopkins Photography & Mornings With Em Photography

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