Shauna Kiely Photography

Meet Shauna

Kiely, which is originally an Irish last name, is actually my middle name (pronounced like the common name “Kylie”).

Since I could hold a crayon, art has always been a huge part of my life. I always looked for the beauty in everything, and if I couldn’t find it, I would figure out how to create it. In high school, the camera made it into my hand, and I found my true passion in art. It wouldn’t be until years later, that my passion turned into my career.

My career began when my first daughter was born. Naturally, I couldn’t put the camera down for a second capturing every little feature and moment of my baby. I also spent a considerable amount of time photographing for various animal rescue groups here in Houston. So, you can probably guess I have a high comfort level and lots of experience working with animals and children! Maternity is also a passion of mine, as it is such a privilege to capture that very beautiful and special moment in a couple’s life.

~ Houston, TX

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